Michele Yarto- Ecommerce Empowerment Coach

Offering Tactics and Strategies for eBay Sellers to Maximize Profits

Ecommerce Coaching

Michele has been selling on eBay for over 20 years, before you could take pictures on your phone!  She began as an occasional seller and moved to a Hobby Seller a few years ago.

When she worked as a Professional RA Sourcer, she realized she could make some real money flipping new items. She is now devoting her time to building her eBay store and helping others do the same. Whether you are a new seller, or want to expand your eCommerce business, eBay is still a great place to make money.  

Michele can help with:
-Locating inventory sources
-Optimizing Listings
-Pricing and Selling Strategies
-Tips on Shipping
-Pros and Cons of purchasing an eBay Store
-Returns Best Practices
-And more

Coaching Session Pricing

  • 3 Hours of Coaching
  • $247 USD

    3 Hours of Coaching- must schedule within 30 days

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  • 1 Hour Coaching Session
  • $97 USD

    1 Hour Coaching Session- must be booked within 30 days

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