Jess Hill- E-commerce Expert & Coach, Author: How I Made $1 Million on Amazon

Helping Ecommerce Sellers build their cross platform income streams from home to spend more time with their families.

Cross-platform Ecommerce Coaching

With decades of experience selling online we can discuss:
Setting up Your Business
The Right Way How to Start on Amazon, Grow on Amazon, From Beginner to Advanced Best Practices  
How to Use eBay Correctly
How to Create An Etsy Shop, Get More Sales, Or Audit Your Store  
How To Start Your Shopify Store, Trouble Shoot Problems, Or Add Apps
How To Run And Organize Your Website
How To Turn Your Hobby Or Passion Into A Paid Course
How To Become A Coach And Get Paid To Help Others  
How To Create Processes And Plans For Your Business
How To Manage Customer Service How To Find Winning Products
How to List Your Products To Get The Most Sales
How To Use Social Media To Get Traffic And Attention  
How To Set Up And Run Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/YouTube/Pinterest