How to Make Printables to Sell Online with PowerPoint, Making Digital Printables with Powerpoint

How to Create Printable Products with Powerpoint, Creating Digital Products in Powerpoint, Basics of Powerpoint, Creating a Daily Planner

Course Summary

Are you interested in learning how to make digital products to make money from home? Digital Marketing is a great way to create passive income. There are many sites where you can sell your printable products like Etsy, Shopify, Gumroad and Wordpress. Over the years, Sue has been creating digital products like Printable Journal Templates, Printable Planner Templates, Printable Bookmarks, Printable Recipe Cards, Printable Wedding Invitations, Printable Birthday Invitations, Printable Thank You cards and so much more. Sue has reached over 6 figures in annual sales with JUST printable products!
So if  you are looking to learn how to create printable products to sell online and want to learn how to create digital products this is the course for you!

Did you know you can use Powerpoint to create digital products like Calendar, Bookmarks, Planners and Checklists?
In this 90 Minute+ training you will learn the following:
What are Printable Products?
How to Create Printable Products in Powerpoint
Basics of PowerPoint
How to Create a Basic Printable Layout
How to Create Daily Planner in PowerPoint
Formatting in Powerpoint
And so much more! 

Course will be taught on Sunday, July 25th at 8pm Central. Replay and slides will be added to the course thereafter.

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  • Creating Printable Products with Powerpoint
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    Creating Printable Products with Powerpoint for Beginners

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