Q4 Loot Leads Group

The ABSOLUTE Best Q4 Leads Group in the Industry
BONUSES NO-ONE else has!

3 Months of Top Secrets from Seasoned Amazon Sellers
Ongoing support and exclusive training

Quarter 4 is the BIGGEST Selling season of the year!
Have your best Q4 ever by joining and using the information right at your fingertips. 

With years of experience the Q4 Loot Leads Team strives to help you learn how to effectively source for your business. The sourcing strategies you learn this Q4 will set you up for future success in the coming years.


  • 300+ OA/RA Leads Per Month
  • 500+ Black Friday / Cyber Monday Leads
  • Minimum $4 Profit,  Minimum 30% ROI
  • Leads will be from a variety of categories focusing on seasonal items
  • Private Group Access
  • $2,400 in EXCLUSIVE Training
  • BONUS 200+ Walmart vs Amazon Leads

Total Value: $4,000+

EXCLUSIVE Access to over $2,400+ in Ecommerce Training

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We limit the number of sellers to 50 per lead list. 

New Leads are posted daily M-F in the event of a holiday leads will be posted before or after the holiday.

We post a variety of leads from many categories and stores. No two accounts are the same and we also provide the methods to get ungated in: Grocery, Pet, Toys and Toy Brands. Those resources are within the course you are subscribed to. 

The one thing you cannot buy is time and we strive to help save you time by giving you leads to take with you to the various stores nearby. This plan can help save you time learning what sells at which stores. If you have any questions at all feel free to email us at any time: [email protected]

Yes, leads, courses and coaching are business related expenses. 

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