Did you know you can have multiple Etsy Shops? Check out this quick tip for Etsy Selling!

Posted On Oct 26, 2021 |

Create multiple Etsy Shops in different niches to grow your e-commerce income streams. Click here now to learn more!

Did you know you can have multiple Etsy Shops?

According to Etsy's policies you can have multiple shops but you need to register with a different email address. Click here for the instructions on opening additional shops. 

When setting up your new shops be sure to follow Etsy's Policies. You will need to link the shops together.

I have 5 different Etsy shops for the various niches I am exploring:
Jewelry Dropship
Resume Templates
Digital Files
Garden Shop
Craft Supply Shop

Each niche serves a different audience of Etsy customers and I have found that I quite enjoy selling on Etsy. The Etsy community is nothing like other platforms and over the past 2 years as an Etsy seller I have thoroughly enjoyed growing my ecommerce income streams on Etsy.

For in depth training for Etsy Selling please visit our course page here. 

Happy Selling!

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