Selling Digital Products on Etsy, Building Passive Income on Etsy

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Let's discuss how to make printables to sell on Etsy and other digital products for passive income growth.

Selling Digital Products on Etsy, Building Passive Income on Etsy

I am always in search of ways to grow passive income online. But did you know that Etsy is more than just handmade products? There are hundreds of Etsy sellers building passive income streams selling custom digital files on Etsy right now. Some of the best-selling digital downloads on Etsy are journals, Resume templates, planners, bookmarks, digital art, wedding invitations, memorial cards, coloring pages, lesson plans, and more. Here are some Etsy Digital Downloads- Birthday Edition examples. Also, be sure to grab your tips sheet on 10 Items You Can Sell Now on Etsy.

The excellent part about selling digital products on Etsy is that anyone can do it. You do not need to be an artist or have extensive experience as a technical writer to create digital files to sell on Etsy. Even if you are not artistic, you can make passive income selling digital prints on Etsy, and we will break it down for you.

Creating Printables to Sell Online with Powerpoint is just one of the ways I have learned how to create journals to sell on Etsy, and that is just one of the many digital products sold on Etsy passively. You can also leverage Canva, Microsoft Word, Google Slides, and other software to create digital files to sell on Etsy. 

Some sites provide white label pre-made digital products that you can leverage to sell on Etsy. 

Check these out: 

Let's dive into the ultimate guide on selling printables on Etsy.

What is a Printable or Digital Product?

A digital printable or downloadable printable file is a virtual product; the product is delivered through digital download.

One of the most significant benefits is there is no inventory to manage, and you do not have to ship anything. Your product is just a few clicks away from being delivered to your customer.

I have bought many different types of Printable products on Etsy and other sites. For example, I have purchased Printable coloring pages for my children, printable meal plans to help with our busy schedule, and printable calendar templates.

Who is Buying Printables?

We live in a digital age where many people love easy access to various products online—for example, teachers by printable downloads for their lesson plans. Printable products to help people save time, and there are plenty of people out there looking to buy easy-to-print products online. Here are some examples of printable planners selling on Etsy.

Selling Printables on Etsy can be easy to do, and since the files are digital, getting in a groove making multiple digital products once you master the creation process is easy. 

What Types of Digital Products Sell Best on Etsy?

You can build a side hustle to replace your bills with a variety of printable products on Etsy.

Here are some of the best selling digital downloads on Etsy:

  • Digital Planner Templates
  • Downloadable Journal Templates
  • Resume Templates
  • Kids Downloadable Coloring Pages
  • Bookmarks
  • Wedding Printables
  • Birthday Party Printables
  • Downloadable Memorial Service Pamphlets

New product types are being added to Etsy all of the time!

You can build your digital product shop but be sure to differentiate yourself from the competition. Before starting your digital product shop on Etsy, I encourage you to research before you decide what product you want to sell.

Here are action items to perform before opening digital product Etsy shop:

  • Research what Digital product types are selling
  • Check the price point of those digital products
  • Find digital products that you know you can create and sell for a profit
  • Get your first digital product made and list it

Make sure you are not copying another seller's product- this can get you in trouble.

It is highly suggested to find keywords with low competition but high searches. I use eRank software for keyword/keyword phrase research.

Optimizing Your Etsy Listing with SEO

In our course, How to Sell on Etsy, we perform a deep dive into listing optimization on Etsy. Be sure to use various keyword/keyword phrases that fit the product(s) you are selling on Etsy. I use eRank to research all keywords for my Etsy listings. Be sure to use all 13 tags as well. Tags help get your product listings found in the Etsy search algorithm. 

Now that you have chosen the printable product type you want to sell, you have created your first digital product and have optimized your listing, it is time to publish! Congratulations, you have listed your first digital product on Etsy. 

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