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Be a part of a community that will help you on your ecommerce journey!

Be a part of a community that will help you on your ecommerce journey!


Want to swipe all of our SECRETS we used to make over 1 MILLION DOLLARS online?
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Two Basic Midwestern Stay At Home Moms
We serve our families. We raise our kids. We work from home to generate over a million dollars by shopping and through ecommerce so we can live our lives by our own rules.

With imperfect pasts-failed relationships, job losses, addictions, medical debts, mortgages under water, just struggling to survive another day.

Yet here we are.


Our mission is to share our secrets of success to help as many women as possible overcome their obstacles so they too can serve their families and raise their kids by their own rules.

Jess Hill, Ecommerce Mentor & Gabriela Lilly, Ecommerce Mentor

Let's be honest...trying something new sounds scary. You're probably thinking:
How do I do this? Can I do this? How do I figure stuff out?
Do I need tech skills? Do I need special skills?


Answer the following 3 questions and if you say yes to all three-
1. Do you have access to a computer?
2. Do you have access to an internet connection?
3. Do you have a desire to work from home?

 If you answered yes to all three, keep reading-exciting stuff coming your way!
If you answered no to any of those three questions stop right here-this is not for you.

Think about this for a moment:
How would your life change if you no longer had to clock in day in and day out-slaving for someone else-
so they can reap the rewards off of your hard work?

How would you feel if you could fire your boss...and say goodbye to a job you hate?

Does this sound like your dream life?
EXCITING isn't it??!!
There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to create the life YOU want.

"If you always do what you have always done, you'll always get what you have always gotten." -Tony Robbins
Are you happy doing what you have always done? Always getting what you have always gotten?
If your answer is no-make that change today. Take a chance on YOU.
Join us, and the rest of the wonderful community of people that have been in your shoes.

We did not have any special training-yet we did it!
This is something ANYBODY CAN DO!
You have the power to create the life you want. Join Ecommerce Empowerment to get empowered to be your own boss working from HOME! Get Your Ecommerce Education from an Ecommerce Expert Today!

Disclaimer: This is not a gimmick or get rich quick scheme. It requires effort and completely dependent on you. Making 1 million dollars is in the minority. Majority of people will not make 1 million dollars, some may even lose money trying. 


"They are very inspirational and motivating. They have taught me to think big. That I could maybe do this!"
"My mentoring session with Jess Hill was informative and relaxed. She was very transparent and honest- which I liked! "
"I am beyond thankful for your help. I am able to make money working from home while spending time with my kids."

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